Keeping up with the latest research is important to us. We support ongoing research and regularly make our facilities available to researchers. It is our ambition to further demonstrate the benefits of dolphin assisted therapy in a scientific context and to underline the role of our method in a therapeutic concept for individuals with special needs..

Please see the lists of published and ongoing research and contact us for more information.

Our scientific database
To facilitate research on dolphin assisted therapy, CDTC works with a scientific database that contains all of our relevant treatment data. With this database, CDTC fulfills the standards of data management of modern rehabilitation care. Information that is of interest for researchers can easily be obtained and used. (Please note that patient privacy is safeguarded very carefully at all times.)

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What you always wanted to know about dolphins:

Did you know that…? …. Of all animal kind, Dolphins have the largest brains compare to their bodyweight and size? Their brains are even bigger then that of a Chimpanzee. ...

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Family Rulens 25-05-2017 Dear Team CDTC,Thank you all for the intensive but beautiful two weeks of therapy. We got a lot of useful tips of all the therapist and ...