The Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center is continuously looking for motivated and qualified people to assist in the therapy program. An assistantship at CDTC is a challenging but rewarding experience. As an assistant, you will carry a great deal of responsibility, and at the same time gain a vast amount of educational experience in your field of interest, while having the opportunity to do tremendously gratifying work that will benefit handicapped individuals.

Please find below the offered assistantship/internship positions:

Therapy Assistant

As a therapy assistant at the CDTC, you have the chance to work together with therapists of different professions, such as physical therapists, psychologists and speech therapists. You will work together with the same therapist and client for a period of 2 weeks. Each daily session (5 days a week) is 2 hours and you have a maximum of 3 sessions per day. During these sessions the role of the assistant is to support the therapist with preparing the session, organizing the materials, working together in the therapy room, assisting from the dock during the water time and taking notes of the session. Besides assisting during the therapy, an assistant will also prepare the work area in the morning and clean up at the end of the day. The working hours (and days) will depend on the number of clients in that period. It can happen that you also need to work during the weekend. Therapy assistants of CDTC receive free accommodation close to the Sea Aquarium Park.

Therapy assistants should meet the following requirements:

    • Available for a period of 3 months (timeframe is set by CDTC and limited to a
      maximum of 90 days) – Periods are: Jan - March / April - June / July - Sept / Oct - Dec
    • Preferably recently graduated in a medical/therapeutic field such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral/family therapy, speech therapy, psychology or another related field
    • Between the ages of 22 and 35 years old
    • Enjoys working with children and young adults
    • Good physical and mental condition as some physical work in the direct sun might be required
    • Good written and spoken knowledge of English, Dutch and German


If you are interested in an assistantship in 2023, please send an e-mail to with your motivation letter, resume (both in English), photo and your preferred time frame. For the first time frames in 2023 (Jan - March and April -June) Please send your application before January 31, 2022.

Applications for the second half of 2023 (July-Sept and Oct-Dec) can be send between February 1, 2022 and April 30, 2022.

Please mention that you apply as a therapy assistant in the subject of your email.

Incomplete applications or ones sent outside the mentioned timeframe will not be taken into consideration.

Assistant/Internship Siblingsprogram

At CDTC we find it important to involve the whole family in the therapy. The sibling program is a program in which the siblings from the patient in therapy can participate for two hours a day, during two weeks. You will work closely together with our pedagogical social worker, who is in charge of this program. The sibling program will take place at the same time as the therapy of their relative, and participants will be encouraged to open up, talk about themselves and how it feels to be a sibling of someone with a disability. Different topics are being covered with the use of workbooks, games, DVD’s, etc. During the two-week program we offer the siblings different activities, like watching the animal shows at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium and spending time at the beach for snorkeling. Besides the fact that they will relax, the participants will meet the other siblings experiencing similar family situations.

    • Minimum of three (3) months;
    • Social work/Psychological background;
    • preferably recently graduated;
    • Between 22 and 30 years old;
    • Applicant enjoys working with children and teenagers;
    • Enthusiastic, flexible, pro-active, responsible and creative;
    • Good observation skills;
    • Good physical and mental condition, due to hard physical work that is frequently required under very warm climatic conditions. Applicant must love to be several hours a day at the beach, swimming and or snorkeling;
    • Computers skills; MS Office is a must;
    • Good written and spoken command of Dutch, English, and German;


If you are interested in the internship at the sibling program, please send an e-mail to with your motivation letter, resume (both in English) and photo.

Please mention that you apply for the sibling program in the subject of your email.