Important information for your therapy scheduled for 2020
influenced by the COVID-19 situation

Don't stop dreaming about your next Dolphin Assisted Therapy!

 The Covid-19 situation affects us all, but CDTC believes in the time when we can welcome you and support you again with our care, love and therapy, and simply offer what we love and are the best at.

Read on for the modified conditions…

To our great regret, CDTC has been forced to discontinue the therapy program from Monday March 16 due to decisions by the local authorities in Curaçao regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the Netherlands and Germany have also currently issued an urgent negative travel advice for an as yet unknown duration, CDTC had to make the decision to cancel the therapy until April 24, 2020, i.e. up to period 8. For the therapy periods 9 and further this year, we will have to decide every two weeks whether the therapy can go ahead or not.

The decision to let therapy continue or not in a certain period will be taken by the management of CDTC on the Friday two weeks before the start of the relevant therapy period. It then depends on the developments and measures of the local and international authorities. You will then be informed accordingly by e-mail, so that you have sufficient time to further prepare your trip or, when canceling the therapy, to also book the airline tickets and accommodation.

We keep a close eye on all developments regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) and monitor the measures taken by the authorities and airlines. As soon as there is any news that allows us to inform you earlier, we will do that.

We are dealing with circumstances beyond our control that prevent CDTC from providing therapy programs for an unknown number of therapy periods. In this unforeseen and uncontrollable situation, CDTC has the right to invoke force majeure. However, given these unique circumstances and the ethical manners we stand for, we've adjusted our cancellation terms for as long as that goes. It is the support to each other that helps us get through this difficult time.

The adjusted regulation is offered under the following conditions:  

  • In case no air traffic is possible between your home country and Curaçao
  • in case the CDTC made the decision due to governmental measures imposed at the time to cancel the therapy for a specified period,

CDTC offers you the possibility to move the therapy to another therapy period free of charge and your (down) payment will remain as payment for that next period. This next period should fall within a period of 12 months, counting from the original therapy period.

In all other cases, we refer you to our General Terms and Conditions for the time being.

If you have further questions, you can always contact the CDTC office,

The CDTC office will remain open at adjusted times for the time being;
weekdays from 8 am to 12 noon local time.

We wish you much strength in this difficult time. Watch yourself and each other and stay healthy.

We look forward to welcoming you in the future and providing you with our dolphin assisted therapy program again.

With warm regards,

Team - CDTC


Dit jaar staan de onderstaande informatieavonden gepland:

23 juni 2020: Gorinchem GEANNULEERD WEGENS COVID-19
hotel Campanile Gorinchem

06 oktober 2020: Zwolle
Urbana Zalenaccommodatie

Onze vertegenwoordigster Monique te Boekhorst geeft informatie over de dolfijn ondersteunde therapie en over reis en verblijf op Curaçao. ­­­­­­

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"He asked me if I had an idea what heaven looked like, and envisioned what life would be as an angel. He was dead serious. On the first day of dolphin aid therapy these thoughts were just gone and replaced by 'yes' to life. For all of us." 🐬❤️ (Annette Lindner, quote from the book 'Delphintherapie - Beweis eines Wunders) by Kirsten Kuhnert