Important information for your therapy scheduled for 2021
influenced by the COVID-19 situation

Don't stop dreaming about your next Dolphin Assisted Therapy!

The CDTC acknowledges the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19-pandemic. We are doing our upmost to inform you, guarantee your safety and offer you the maximum flexibility.

Corona Virus on Curaçao

Unfortunately, the number of infections with the Corona virus in Curacao has risen since March 20th 2021. For that reason, a press conference by the government of Curaçao took place on March 22, 2021 in which a lockdown is announced starting Wednesday March 24th 2021 for at least two weeks (till at least April 7th ’21).

The good news is that borders remain open and airlines continue to offer their flight services.

Certain exceptions are also offered for hotel guests, who can continue to use the hotel facilities including the beach. The CDTC team has received a waiver and can herewith continue to carry out the planned therapies. CDTC works according to a COVID-19 prevention protocol, in which the regular program does not change, but offers a safe way to guard everyone’s safety, humans and animals. By having the mandatory PCR-test for travelers before departure to Curaçao, the chance that you will be contaminated with the virus during your trip and stay is reduced.

Despite the measures, we do everything we can to be able to carry out your booked therapy and to make your stay on the Island as pleasant as possible.

The current measures up to April 7 ‘21 are as follows:

  • CDTC will continue to provide Dolphin Assisted Therapy for you despite the lockdown;
  • The tourist is expected to do the same as the inhabitant of Curaçao, which means that it is only allowed to enter the streets on certain days and only for necessary matters, including grocery shopping or for medical reasons. Entering these facilities is only allowed for 1 person per household. Permission to enter the road is issued based on the number plate of your rental car. The number plates starting with the following letters can run on the following days:

Monday and Thursday: A | D | F | G | H | K | BF | Z | WA | SpKen

Tuesday and Friday: B | J | L | N | R | You | MF

Wednesday and Saturday: S | T | V | X | Y

Sunday: no cars allowed on the street

  • The guests of Dolphin Suites can use the restaurant facilities of Hemingway en beach bar Chill and the beach of Lions Dive
  • We know from the Dolphin Suites hotel that they will continue to provide their grocery service so that you can cook in your accommodation.
  • Restaurants remain open but only for delivery between 12:00pm and 8:00pm. In Dolphin Suites there is a folder with all restaurants that deliver meals, which can also be found on the following page:
  • Vital institutions remain open, including; supermarkets, banks, medical services, gas stations, bakeries, hardware stores, construction companies, restaurants (delivery only) and hotels.
  • Curfew will remain in place from 9.00 pm to 04:30am. Only people with a special permit are allowed on the street during the night.
  • Public beaches are closed. Beaches and restaurants of hotels remain open for its guests only.
  • Sports Centers will close and outdoor sports are only allowed individually inthe area of your accommodation between 04:30 am – 08:00 am & 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm.
  • Wearing a mouth mask remains mandatory for people over 18 years of age.
  • The vaccination centers and testing centers will remain open.
  • The medical services in the hospital remain available for emergency care. In addition our facility physician remains available.

We do everything we can to keep you informed of the latest information.
In addition, we do our utmost to offer you the usual therapy with the quality you are familiar to from us.

For this reason, we recommend you to stay in one of the surrounding hotels. In these times most accommodations can approve to a last-minute cancellation free of charge. In order for you to be able to rebook your accommodation to a closer one to CDTC on walking distance.

Please check the latest travel updates and further COVID-19measures for Curaçao here

Your safety during your journey, stay & therapy
We ask all our guests to make sure your personal hygiene is adequate at all times. If you are not feeling well or experience symptoms including coughing or sneezing or shortness of breath in combination with high fever, we urge you to contact your physician before traveling to Curaçao.

When you cannot fly
The CDTC must adhere to its regular cancellation policy for the period in which travelling to Curaçao is possible. Travel warnings are not eligible as exceptions.

An exception is made in the following situations:

  • Border closures;
  • Travel bans;
  • If the therapy child, one of her/his siblings or the parent is tested positive for Coronavirus 2 to 3 days before arrival.
  • During the lockdown period announced at March 22nd ‘21


In these cases there is a travel restriction locally and internationally due to the measures imposed by the local authorities of Curaçao at the time. In the first three  cases we ask you to send us a copy of a written document confirming one of the above situations. We will then provide you with the option to rebook your therapy free of charge to new period within 12 months of the cancelled therapy period.

If the lockdown period is extended, this relaxed cancellation measure will also be offered for therapies that take place in the subsequent period in which the lockdown continues to apply. However, CDTC can only confirm this relaxed measure after the relevant extension of the lockdown period has been confirmed by the local authorities. If you consider canceling your booked therapy program before an extension of the lockdown has been confirmed by local authorities, you can do so, but the deposit will first be charged as a cancellation fee. If it turns out that the lockdown period will be extended to the period in which your therapy takes place, you will receive a message that the deposit can still be transferred to the next therapy period. If this is not the case, we will offer you the option to move your booked therapy to a future period, but you will be charged a $ 1,000 cancellation fee.


In all other cases, if you cancel a confirmed reservation, the $1,000 deposit will be charged and will be forfeited. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation within 90 days before the start of therapy is only possible on medical grounds (the doctor’s statement must be included in the cancellation). The payment already made for the therapy minus the deposit will be transferred to a subsequent therapy period.

If no doctor’s statement can be submitted, all payments already made will expire.

We look forward to welcoming you to your reserved dolphin assisted therapy program.

With warm regards,

Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center.

Cancer Kids Project

"He asked me if I had an idea what heaven looked like, and envisioned what life would be as an angel. He was dead serious. On the first day of dolphin aid therapy these thoughts were just gone and replaced by 'yes' to life. For all of us." 🐬❤️ (Annette Lindner, quote from the book 'Delphintherapie - Beweis eines Wunders) by Kirsten Kuhnert