For the brothers, sisters or children from therapy patients of CDTC we have a special siblings program. The relationship between these family members is unique. The siblings program will take place at the same time as the therapy, guided by our pedagogical social worker and an assistant. Children will be encouraged to open and talk about themselves and how it feels to be a sibling of someone with a disability. Different topics are being handled with the use of workbooks, games, DVD’s, etc. There is time to play, relax, swim, snorkel, and learn about the ocean life in the aquarium. And just because we never want them to feel left out, brothers and sisters will have a special dock day to join their sibling’s therapy session, where they can sit next to the dolphin trainer and observe all of the great progress that their brother, sister or parent is making. To make their experience just as magical, there is also a trainer day, where the siblings walk alongside a dolphin trainer becoming their special assistant for the day and learning all about the ins and outs of being a dolphin trainer. For the parents/ caretakers there is a workshop that provides tools on how to guide the siblings in the family situation.

* The program is available for siblings with the age of 5 years and older

Application in Steps


List of diagnoses
Because of our wealth of expertise in so many facets of dolphin therapy, the CDTC offers therapy for an extensive list of special needs and psychological conditions.
We have listed some of the areas in which we can help ..


After having discussed the program with your regular doctor or therapist, and received his/her approval, you can easily apply for the dolphin assisted therapy program at CDTC. There are several steps in the application process. We will analyse the patient's unique condition and help you make decisions.


Over the years several foundations have been established to provide financial support to patients and their families who wish to participate in the Dolphin Assisted Therapy Program in Curaçao.
On this page you will learn about the different foundations that are active in various regions in The Netherlands, Germany & the USA.