Brucker Biofeedback

Brucker Biofeedback

Brucker Bio Feedback is a subtle training technique used to enhance mind-body control. By providing patients with external audio or visual feedback of subtle nervous signals that reach the muscles, using electrodes to sense the signals. Bio Feedback provides a means for identifying, strengthening, and using these signals. Through this technology, biofeedback lets subjects know when they are changing their physical responses – such as nerve signal strength to a desired direction.

This information can be used to teach individuals to better control their body. Dr. Bernard Brucker (1946 - 2008), Founder and Director of the Biofeedback Laboratory at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine, has developed an internationally recognizedBio Feedback Method that uses precise techniques to restore lost functions in those with neural impairment, called the Brucker Bio Feedback Method.

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We are proud to have an international team of therapists and psychologists, well trained in their field, who work together with CDTC’s therapy dolphins with a special focus on their unique characters. They are very well cared for in their natural environment. Together they work to raise the bar on standards in therapy.


Our unique therapy concept reflects the latest research in the field, and focuses on an outcome-oriented rehabilitation program that is customized to meet the individual needs of each patient. The patient is given the opportunity to interact with these highly trained dolphins while integrating customized therapy programs with specialists that are all leaders in their field.